About PTR Pics

We all have that certain something we are passionate about, the activity which brings us immense joy. Often, you discover that thing while doing your daily job, just like in my case. You see, as a professional menswear designer I had to travel a lot, often taking my camera with me to take pictures. This is how I discovered my love for photography. There is truly a special feeling in capturing all of those moments you finding interesting and sharing it with an audience. I would say it’s very similar to storytelling.

As a photographer I specialize in three niches:
Naturally, fashion events are the first, and the main one, as I am a fashion designer myself. I prefer capturing the unique atmosphere, moments and emotions from these fashion events, instead of just making generic documentaries. I want to capture the glare and attitude of the models, rather than just focus on the clothes.

My most dynamic line of work comes in the shape of MMA and boxing photography. The fast pace of these fighting sports makes it so exciting, as there is no time to fully set, or play with your camera. Everything has to be prepared in advance including fast lenses, fast shutters, as well as a bunch of memory cards, and batteries. You have to have everything at your disposal to be ready when the knockout comes.

And last, but certainly not the least, comes pet photography. My 4 legged companion Borka got me into this, and made me love dogs for life. In a way you could say that this is just as exciting, and fast paced as martial arts photography, as strange as it sounds. Think about it this way: dogs are never just sitting still. You have to catch them in their excitement, to catch that spark in their eye, and the joy of running around.