Pitti Uomo

For those of you who may not know, Pitti Uomo is the largest and most lucrative International fashion event for menswear in the world. Anyone in the menswear fashion industry knows that this event is the most important of its kind. It is full of stylish accessories for men, and showcases bold menswear that fashion has not yet seen, every single year.

Pitti Uomo held its first menswear fashion event in 1972! So yes, it has been around for quite some time. Since the fashion event’s debut, it is held twice annually at the Fortezza da Basso in the most beautiful metropolitan city in all of Tuscany, Italy; Florence. Twice every year, a four-day menswear fashion show ignites, bringing with it sneak-peaks into some of the most bold and popular styles. This coming year (2017), it is being held in January 10th to January 13th, and the second fashion utopia will be held in June, on the 13th-16th. Top brands such as G-Star, Borsalino, and Scotch & Soda attract fashion enthusiasts from all around the world. Every June, Florence is flooded with fashion magazines, high end menswear clothing lines, and peacocks. Yes, that’s what I said, peacocks.

In Italian, “peacock” is a term associated with a man who likes to show off his assets, his style, his elegance. In most other species on this planet, the man is flashy in appearance to win over a female to mate with. However, in humanity, we have encountered the exact opposite. Some of the earliest pioneers in bold menswear and fashionable men’s accessories believed that men should look good, feel good, and show it off; you know, just like a peacock.

In America, if you called someone a peacock, you should accept to be punched in the nose. But, in Italy, this term holds high significance. The “Pitti Peacocks” are like the Victorian Secret girls in fashionable menswear. Italian designers of menswear and accessories aim to take back the throne from women’s fashion, and bring it back to the men!

Pitti Uomo usually showcases street wear for men, with fashionable menswear and accessories. Rumors have leaked that this coming year is going to be especially groundbreaking, so expect to see a lot of peacocks walking around in 2017!

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